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Exactly. Thing is it's not my vehicle or box. but it seems the box might be mine now, if you know what I mean (scrapyard) 

I didn't want to hijack the thread, so will just leave it here for informational purposes. 

It seems that R380's have this same trouble behind a standard rover v8 as well as the TD5, so there is an obvious metallurgy /build quality issue going on.

I'll be rebuilding this one for myself since the autobox is replacing this unit. As for the LT - well I've discovered that the intermediate shaft has the usual wear in the casing, so it's going to be sleeved and rebuilt with all new internal gears (maxidrive) and an ashcroft ATB centre diff.

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19 hours ago, mercguy said:

This is the pinion shaft  - notice no shaft wear, but the inside of the throwout bearing sleeve / pivot fork arm is completely rooted.

I have a feeling this box has been rebuilt more than once, and this wear may be from a previously failed pinion shaft bearing or a failed spigot bush in another flywheel.

Dodgy as all buggery this is, so I can tell you the R380's getting a teardown as well as the LT230.

btw CW, this R380 came form a '92 2 door rossignol disco1 v8. perhaps this is why the output shaft differs to your TD5??





92 disco would have been an LT77 from the factory not R380.

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I'm using '98 suffix L r380 which is now in bits on my bench. It's getting bigger 5th/reverse end bearings plus all usual rebuild parts, lt230 is getting sleeved casing and Ashcroft lsd centre diff. The spline engagement is indeed much longer than those failed ones. 

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