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First failure was a little black wire.....

Never mind eh !! Was a nice experience standing on hard shoulder of M25 for 2 hours ! Makes you realise how cushy a life you have with a reliable company car for the majority of journeys !!

BUT.. That aside, I wouldn't dare come to a LR event in the safe one.... LOL

Doubt I'd have the ground clearance at the front to get into the car park...

Back to topic.. Lincoln I see.... We escaped from Spalding a number of years back... All too flat you know.. At least you got that big cobbled hill to attack with the V8 of yours.. (Remember, slippery when wet..)

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Whilist i am in lincoln it is not through choice (work commands and i obey). I have found a few off road clubs so hopefully will be on a day out with them soon, however i do undertake a lot of rally stages as i am a member of a motorsports rescue team so pleanty of fun to be had there.

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Hi Si

Pleased to meet you.

This is a great forum for anything you need to know and I have found ALL the members to be very helpfull.

Don't be scared to ask dumb questions!!! Just make sure you have a sense of humour!!

Can't beat the sound of a V8 (if a little expensive to run).

What are you getting to MPG? My brother had a 4.6 Range Rover and was getting 9 MPG on average!!

He soon sold it when he worked out it was costing him the same as a mortgage!

Glad I have diesel...


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