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Colway C-Trax A/T


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Last week I had a set of Colway A/T's fitted to the Rangie ready for The Shire Seven Sisters September Spectacular, and I have to say I am dead chuffed.

V8Bertha pointed out they are a rather close copy of BFG A/T's, and over the weekend I have given them some abuse - towing Petal ~400 miles with a car full of people & camping gear which meant an all-up weight approaching 6 tons and then two days of following MogLite and Petal round Seven Sisters and I never got stuck, even in some bits that I was quite frankly expecting to be winched through. Side-slope stability was (thankfully) excellent too, wonder if they make underpants with the same pattern 'cos damn I was gripping the seat pretty hard at one point :ph34r:

On road they are good, they wander a tad more than the 100% road tyres that were on there and with the windows down you can hear the hum at speed, but they kept us on the road even through some very heavy rain and stayed up even after all the sharp pointy rocks on the tracks at 7S. Once I had unloaded everything their road manners were really rather good too, I think the weak link is now the old & floppy suspension/bushes.

Set of four was £224 delivered & fitted & balanced & old ones disposed of, the tyre bloke had to stick a big valve in one because a previous monkey had bored out the alloy to fit a tube valve through or somesuch, bloody animals <_<

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£224, and it was Ace Tyres in Fareham. They ordered them in specially, I could've saved £4 by ordering them from Paddocks and getting them fitted by Ace but I really didn't think it was worth the extra hassle for £4.

Oh, and please mention the Shire Land Rover Club if you speak to Ace because we want them to advertise in the newsletter :D

Ace Tyres, Unit 4d, Newgate Lane Industrial Estate, Fielder Drive, Fareham, PO14 1JE - 01329 237400
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