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300Tdi Automatics....


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I thought all 300Tdi / Autos had an ECU-controlled injector pump but I have been told by someone who breaks these cars (and should therefore know well) that only the very late 1997 and 1998 cars did.

Who knows?

yes thats right do you want one

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Hi, I have a November 1995 Disco 300TDI Auto, that has an engine ECU and a EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) mounted on the diesel pump. Apparently the EDC unit helps the 300 Autos to pick up at low revs, basically improve the peformance of the engine.

I've been informed that it is possible to remove the EDC diesel pump, if its faulty, and replace it with the standard diesel pump from a 200 or 300 TDI (non EDC), the vehicle won't go aswell but its cheaper fix.

Another interesting point is that the 300TDI ECU EDC Autos have 123BHP.


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Only the very early 300 tdi auto's had manual pumps...

You will only find them on 'M' reg vehicles...

Then they change to the darkside....... :ph34r:

What i find intresting though is that altough everyone is scared of 'Fly-by-wire' these vehicles have been using it since late '94 and seem to be reasonably reliable......

Ok you still need to book an appointment when you want to pull away at a junction....But, better than the manual pump....

Food for thought

Jim :)

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