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Magnecor - A Company that delivers 101%


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Hello All,

I am more than happy to stand up and shout when a companies services / products etc are C**p, frankly they deserve to get some stick, why shouldn't you say how bad they are ?

So, its also only fair when you get good servive from a compnay such as Magnecor.

.............except that would be incorrect.................

The service is superb.

I'll breifly explain why.

When I fitted the EDIS Megajolt system I needed to make my own leads - so I did from parts off the end of Ford coil packs, lovingly recrimped onto the cheapest longest leads I could get around £1-2 from VWP, I didn't expect top quality and erm, ....I wasn't disappointed.

I then decided that the positioing of the coil packs on top of the rocker was a bad move they got super F hot, and the plug leads looked like wet spaggetti when hot too, so I decided to

a. move the coil packs away from the heat and place atthe front and

b. to have some decent leads made.

I phoned Magnecor, and spoke to Phil DeWitt the owner, explained I wanted 'custom leads' made,

Unphased he said measure carefully (and gave me a couple of diffeent ways to ensure the measurements were right), and then send me a form with the dimension lengths and specs you want.

My little 'cynical internal voice' was doubtfull, I expected problems, ...............

But, they were made quickly (about 10 days) and sent Special delivery.

On opening the box I was hopefully impressed,

leads all neatly done with insturctions,

wire seperators (and nice ones too), all in KV85

with High Temp plug ends and Ford Gen 1 Coil ends, even a little sachet of silicon grease.

Every lead has the plug number corrected allocated to it - top and bottom ends too.....

Pre fitting I measured and compared lengths to what I have asked for,

these were all specified to within 5mm, ..............and the leads supplied were - spot on to the 1mm !

Fitted a dream, what a absolute pleasure to actually have a company do what it promises :)

I needed some extra plug lead seperators, so phoned today to ask for some more, .........

they will be in the post to me FOC, ..........which whilst not saving a fortune is I think a really nice touch,

So, if you wnat decent leads with Quality service then Magnecor gets my vote



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.... but the question that I have not seen aswered is how does it run when up to itsw ears in water?? :huh:

BTW - check the haynes manual for lead routing - there is some pattern where you have to cross a pair or tow to avoid misfiring.


Can't wait until Nige reads this post :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Steve :P

P.S. Nige reading the Haynes manual first would have saved you a lot of money with Mark Adams too ;););)

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That's very nice indeed - I've been pleased with my KV85's after the initial "HOW much??? :blink: " reaction had died down they proved themselves in the mud and YES they do make a big difference underwater :P

I bought mine because the Flame Thrower coil melted a set of Bosch leads in <2 weeks (arcing out of the lead and across 1" gap to the rocker covers!) when I stuck the Magnecor ones on the inductive timing light couldn't even pickup the spark from them :blink: They have now moved from the 109 to the RR and I suspect I will be going EDIS on the 109 so will end up getting a very similar set made up for that.

I doubt very much that lot cost <£100 but you get what you pay for and Magnecors are guaranteed for life IIRC.

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I have magnacors already, which i very very carefully put the ford ends onto. all the time remembering what they cost me!

Nige - post your lead lengths as a reference if you would, i'm considering copying your bullet proof EDIS coil mount.

Jon - lets see a pic of yours

Cheers, Hoss

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BTW - check the haynes manual for lead routing - there is some pattern where you have to cross a pair or tow to avoid misfiring.


Can't wait until Nige reads this post :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Steve :P

Yeah Steve Spot on :lol: , read it, sighed, swore and plain just can't be bothered to waste my breath..................... :angry:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Finally, permanently mounted my EDIS coils.

Will take some pics....but they are in a similar place to HfH.

I used 2 ford coil mounts from escorts & welded cut them a bit. less hassle than cutting/bending & looks pretty good.

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