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Scrap Value - K reg 200tdi


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I paid £500 for one in pretty much exactly that condition. Same mileage, good engine, MoT fail on the Sills and the floor was pretty much nonexistent.

I think that the engine and ancillaries alone would fetch that sort of price, if you wanted to break it.


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I paid £350 for a 150k mile K-reg 5 door earlier this year, boot floor had holes you could climb through, inner wing crusty beneath the battery and sills almost dead.

I only wanted it for the engine and rear axle so the bodywork didnt matter to me.

I thought it was a good price at the time but having heard the prices some are trading at lately (friend almost paid £900 for a similar car) I think I did quite well. :D


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Moved one between to lads the other week for £500. To be fair it was in reasonable condition apart from the brake calipers were seized solid.

Engine, box, axles and chassis were fine.

It was crying out for a Hybrid conversion using 2A or early 3 body, tax free of course.


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