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s111 gearbox buggered


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hi all

ive a s111 3.5 v8 fitted to a original box, i have been a thwack with the loud pedal and now killed the bugger,

so i've bought a lt77 box in hope to swap it over, does anyone have any advice on fitting this before i go and make a pigs ear of it all ,

any advice would be great

thanks kel

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Tonk and a few others have done a LT77 / Series T-case adaptor. They don't have one commercial but they could probably tell you how to make one, and if it comes out well, you could make another one and I would buy it from you... :D

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i think ill do a rebuild, hence the lt77 for sale, thanks everyone

I assume that in addition to the V8, you have higher ratio diffs and/ or bigger tyres fitted ? Either of these 3 modifications should relegate series gearboxes to the dustbin.They were a carp design in 1948 with the 1.6 litre engine and they were still a carp design nearly 35 years later.

If you insist on sticking with a series box you should at least fit suffix D internals or you'll be throwing your money away.

I am not sure how the conversion was done, but anLT77 to series T/case would be way down the bottom of my list of desirable conversions. The output shaft was designed to be fully floating and wasn't intended to cope with side loadings that a series T/case input gear would place on it. An R380/LT230 would be the strongest Rover built combination but is quite long for an 88'' wb and will give severe U joint angles unless you mount it low and have everything dragging in the mud. The long R380 input shaft can be cut and shortened, and a bellhousing from a 200 TDI Defender fitted with your existing adaptor housing will give you a bit more room.


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