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it's my birthday but i don't want any presents !


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good point geoff :rolleyes: (the links are also on the webite but admittedly not immediately obvious)

all monies raised will go to temple street childrens hospital in dublin www.childrenshospital.ie

and the event website is here www.4x4challenge.org

the sponsor will be covering some of the expenses but the rest we are happy to take out of our own pockets

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our new driver has managed to raise a healthy £240 since joining the team only 24 hrs ago! we are having a bit of a competition to see who can raise the most between ourselves (we know we'll never beat the teams with the BIG sponsors), he is plodding the streets going door to door and i am sitting in my cosy house surfing the net, but he is winning!!! :(

the current total is £680 and our target for the event is £1000 and only 3 days to go

visit www.team-blrc.co.uk to donate

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yippe, all working again, was down for about 12 hours

you may be interested in hearing the totals raised by each forum (for a bit of healthy competition :rolleyes: )

1st place is www.clri.net with £35

2nd is www.nilrc.net

3rd is www.difflock.com

4th is www.landroveraddict.com

5th is www.lr4x4.com

a few quid could easily make the difference ;)


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i'm confused, i thought the website was down again but it appears to be ok using internet explorer but when using firefox i just get a load of text :unsure:

are there any techno wizards out there that might now whats wrong?

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