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OT get over company car tax


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I'ts not quite true to say that vans don't attract company car tax - they do, just at a much lower rate. Anyway, the tresury got wise to this a couple of years ago, and clamped right down on it. Can't remember exactly when, but that loophole is about to be closed and you will be liable for exactly the same rate tax as a car (shed loads). Sorry, can't say it's a sexy vehicle anyway - you would look like a pimp in it.

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Guest diesel_jim

Tell me about it.... my company 110 SW is classed as a minibus (12 seats), needs an MoT from the first year, you have to be over 21 to drive, needs a tacho in europe or for commercial towing and can go into the congestion zone for nown't

and i pay the flat £500 "van" rate of tax a year....

BUT.... the customs and excise are now saying it's a "luxury car".... and we owe them £20k in back tax from 2001

go figure? f***ing government! if B Liar wasn't spending our tax money on stupid things all around the rest of the world, and supporting lazy bums who won't work, or immigrants, or gay black lesbians etc etc, then there would be no need to tighten the screws on every other little thing that they can tax us on, to get a few more pennies of our money out of us. :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry:

anyway, the £500 van tax is being scrapped next year, so the average labourer bloke who's trying to earn a crust will get shafted for the price of his car and the emmissions.

/rant off/ :ph34r:

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yep, have a couple of friends with 110 double cabs, bought/used because of the then tax breaks,

both coming up for sale, at the end of this tax year !!

Bet their will be quite a few 110 double cabs on the market come feb time !! and cheap, due to the numbers coming up !!!

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