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Ticking noise after new headgasket 2.5NA

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I've got a 109 with a 2.5NA diesel engine. Recently I changed the headgasket because off an oil leak between head and block. After assembling the whole engine together it produces an ticking noise like the tappets are not adjusted properly.

What I've done so far:

- new headgasket

- re-surface head

- new hotspots (after re-surface head, they just stick above the head)

- all head bolts set to right torque (and re-checked after some driving)

- tappets adjusted (several times)

- new injectors

- injectionpump slightly retarded because off blake smoke on full throttle

The noise seems to be produced by the tappets but I've adjusted them for at least 3 times (0,25mm).

Does anyone have an idea what this ticking noise can be?

To exclude noises I gave the throttle a blimp an direct shut off the engine. I assume there is no injection after shutting off the engine. The ticking noise was still there, so it has to be a mechanical sound and has nothing to do with injection?!

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Thanks for replying,

@ 101Sean and Aragorn, I will check the manifold gasket for leaking. When I fitted the manifolds I used a brandnew gasket but probably it doesn't make the exhaust manifold leak-free.

Is there a methode to check if the gasket isn't right?

@ Simon Smith, During assembly off the head and head-parts I checked everything on wear. The rockers had no or very little axial freeplay en where not worn at all. Between rockerarm and valve stem there are little valve stem caps. None off them where worn and I re-used them. But I will check them as well, cause I don't want the ticking noise anymore.

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