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For about 10years I have been using a 5D maglite for night-time duties. Splendid bit of kit but costly in batteries. Last week i replaced the bulb with an LED upgrade and I am less than impressed with the output.

Has anyone else replaced with LED and been impressed?

I am hoping someone does a better LED set up than the one I have got (bought from Taunton Leisure)

Will :)

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I changed one of my 2AA ones for a LED unit, and it is certainly brighter, and easier on the batteries, but dosn't have the throw that the filament bulb had. For a 2AA it isn't really an issue, but I have yet to try it on my 4D so will be interested to see what comes of this...


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I bought a small led torch a couple of years ago, takes a single AA battery and easily outperforms my big maglite.

Cost more than a maglite!

Anyway, the difference in design is that the led has a different reflector and a magnifying lens instead of a flat glass.

Sorry, you won't get a decent performance from a bulb conversion.

It does now give you a reason to buy a new torch.

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On my last visit to 7Sisters, one of the other party members had the same mag light as me (4xD cell), but with an LED bulb.

I have to say, there was nothing in it in terms of beam length, focus or brightness - but the LED gave clearer illumination and a little better battery life!


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I have a 4 cell maglite and a couple of AA mini maglites. All of them have LED's in them now, and they are fantastic. The mini maglites have Terralux ministar2 Luxeon star LED's in them. The batteries last about 5 hours now, compared to the hour or so with the krypton bulb. I have a 3 watt luxeon star Terralux thingy in my 4 cell maglite. I got it from ebay for £20 but it has saved me that much in batteries so far.



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i've got an AA maglight with the LED kit from blacks... is much better than the old lightbulb, the batteries seam to last for ages...

my old D-cell maglight got nicked, when i get another one it will be LED, they are the way forward.

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