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In car PC


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I dont have any experiance of that box ut i do have a mini ITX based computer running in a custom case in the 110 which i use for memory map, sat nav, accurate spedo ect (though i realy must get round to installing it properly) .

The dvd drive i use is a laptop drive in an external usb2 enclosure and works great.

I run it through an 8 inch screen mounted on the dash which will be moulded into a td5 style console when i get some spare time.


its been running on an old hard drive for about 18 months and so far its all held together fine though if you do plan on making one i would use a laptop drive as they are march hardier.

if you want more info one of the best places at the momnet is http://www.digital-car.co.uk


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i've got an ITX PC in my 90, cost a lot less than the marine units, which i see at the boat shows and are rediculously priced.

Mine's got DVD/CDRW and 20gb laptop hd in the case, i use it for MP3s and its interfaced with my etrex for memory map.

I've got a new 8" linITX touchscreen to go in to upgrade my old 7" one which was nicked.

more info here

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