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1985 90 Wiring Harness

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Guys (and gals),

Stripping my 1985 2.5TD ready for the rebuild onto new chassis and bulkhead (will be galvanised no less!!)

I have noticed while stripping out the wiring that the connectors on the bulkhead are sh**te poor design and couldn't help noticing some of you have different (pretty) wiring looms.

Has anyone made their own looms with better connectors than those used by Land Rover?

I noticed a firm that made wiring looms but at nearly £200 I thought they were having a laugh.

So if you know of a good firm that supplies cable + multiplug connectors for manufacturing your own harnesses I would greatly appreciate it.

Look forward to your insults replies! :)


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VWP are very good, and have a good range of products. I just got an order of bits through today. However, if you price up all the cable (you can get all the correct colours) and connectors then you will probably find it is cheaper to get the harness already made!

I presume you are talking about Autosparks to supply a premade harness? if not have a look at thier website

If you just what basic connectors and Wiring, then Blue Beehive are pretty good and cheaper than VWP. Afaik they don't seem to do the multiway connections though.



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Thanks for the replies

Just had a look at Autosparks and the harness is actually £318!!!! :o

I presume that the manufacturers (Autosparks) must obtain the correct multiplugs, so I wonder where from?

answers on a postcard......

Thanks again


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Still a lot less than LR are asking for, as I said above the bulkhead main loom is £800 plus vat, the Autosparks one is identical & I bet anyone would be hard pressed to tell the difference if both were laid out side by side.

Would have cost an extra £100 to connect all the radios Ralph!!! :D


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