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help on steering please


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i remember on my old sj i had a nut that i could turn to tighten up the steering ie so it drives in a straight line lol, is it the same on a landrover and if so could somebody tell me where it is please so i can actually drive the car to the m.o.t station and not be on the other side of the road?,

apparently when off roading you adjuct something on the steering so when you hit a bump it doesnt snatch the steering out of your hands well thats whats up with mine and its unsafe to drive and need it sorting a.s.a.p, cheers guys any help appreciated ;-)


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Sounds like your steering needs setting up correctly, there is no 'magic nut' on a LR but when working correctly it should be fine.

Swivel preloads should be checked as should the relay. Depending on the size of tyres fitted you may benefit from fitting a steering-damper (I fitted one but I was running 9.00x16's) and above all, keep your thumbs outside the rim when driving off-road!

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There is a slack adjuster on the Series 3 drop box, I tried to adjust mine once and couldn't get the b&%$£d thing undone :lol:

If you look under the front wing at the steering box (ISTR there's a cowling over it that needs removing) it's there.

No idea if this is the same on yours.

A steering damper is a worthwhile investment, the damper & bracket costs about £30 from paddocks IIRC, then again if all you're doing is MOT'ing it to sell it again why bother, as long as it passes... :rolleyes:

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Check for play in the various trackrod ends and especially the top and bottom arms on the steering relay, where they fit on the splines, before considering a damper or you could end up hiding the symptoms rather than fixing the fault.

Also check the wheel is tight on its splines.

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there is an adjuster on the side of the steering box; a square ended bolt (7) and a nut to hold it in place (8)


this takes up slack in the steering wheel.

A damper will to some extent help with bump steer but from my experience, it will not prevent it altogheter - I think the forces produced by ruts on the wheels are pretty big and if you had a damper big enough to stop the movement, you'd probably not be able to turn the steeering wheel!

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