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Anybody seen this landy ?


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Found this on a rib forum


Can somebody make it a clicky please



My pit crew are from Lymington and he is a fisherman from Lymington I will try to print it out and get it to him.

the screen sticker and rear lights are the only features that stand out.

It looks like a boaty truck white eight spoke are so last season..... they not 4x4 nuts its a work horse.. Pikies don't drive LR much so could be nicked for the job must be £15k of rib

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Relatively local to the Shires, I'll stick a bit in the next newsletter. They could do with changing the tape on their CCTV then we might've been able to see the reg plate :(

Jon contact SAD's as they are more the forest than shires. They are based in Fawley and the forest

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Ex SHB hire vehicle sold by southwest4x4 or one of the same group of companies.

I think

they are the ones with county stripes on H/Tops with the county wording missing as per the pic and same as my own white90

maybe worth a call to them with pics to see if they can put a name to a thieving scums face.

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If it come back as

Mike Street Toton then it is still in SHB name as all SHB trucks are in Mike's name and address, so they don't have SHB a previous owner :)

That's a bit naughty! Sold as "one careful owner" then are they?!

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