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Spot-light Legalities


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Greetings all...... wondered if anyone can shed any light (pardon the pun) on the law regarding spot-lights.

I've just fitted a light-bar over the windscreen on my Disco, and I'm about to start wiring it up, but I'm not sure HOW I can use these lights.....

Can I wire them up to the full-beam system for my headlights (and thereby use them whenever I'd use full-beam), or do they have to be connected to a separate switch (and if so, when am I 'allowed' to use them)?

Thanks in advance


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you cannot have them so they come on with the main beam, something to do with the height ?

saying that I have mine on a switch so in the off position they dont work, with the switch on they do come on with the main beam for off road only... :ph34r:

there is also a switch just to have the roof lights on and nothing else.


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i had mine wired upto the full beam via a switch.

So they could only come on if the full beam is on. Although I could then switch them off via the switch and leave the normal full beam.

I'd recommend this setup as when its raining, the roof lights create a dazzling effect with the rain and to be able to switch them off but still keep the normal full beam is a benefit.

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Strictly speaking, any additional lamps mounted anything above 1400mm off the ground are illegal, therefore how you wire them is pretty academic.

That said: :) I wired my four roof mounted lights so that each pair of lamps is wired into the main beam circuit through its own seperate switch and relay. This way they'll only come on with main-beam (if they're switched on) and will go out when I dip the lamps. Somebody will correct me if i'm wrong but I'm almost certain 'legally' this is way spotlamps should be configured. This 'failsafe' wiring method eliminates the risk dazzling oncoming traffic if you dip your main beam but forget to switch off the spotlamps.

Because I hate messy dash-boards, on my Disco 1, the lamps are operated by an extra pair of genuine rear fog lamp switches I swapped for a couple of the unused remote stereo switches on the dash-binnacle. Using a wiring diagram and a bit of patience it was possible to re-use the connectors for the radio controls on the back of the new fog-lamp switches.

Use two-core wire sleeved in black for running the power up to the lamps. This can be tucked in behind the screen trim on the A-pillar for a discreet installation. At the bottom of the A-Pillar drill a couple of holes in the scuttle panel plastic trim to route the wires into the engine bay. At the top of the A-Pillar you may want to use plug-in connectors to allow the freedom to remove your light-bar without disturbing the wiring. Same goes for each lamp.

Don't be temped to wire your four extra lamps straight into the main beam circuit without additional relays

unless you like the smell of burning.


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Foglight position is strictly controlled. I was under the impression that Spotlights can only be used in pairs, and shouldn't be higher than the bonnet really. I'm sure there is a set height, that is not well publisised. Also, if you vehicle is post 1986, only 55w bulbs can be used for on road use.

The usual rule of mustn't come on without main beam is true.

They are well handy though when driving down duel carriageways at night though. Found it made the journeys much less draining on the eyes.

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have a look here for what I did :


Neat wiring job..............

you can also take light feeds out from behind the 90/110 fuse panel, just identify the correct fuse and correct side of the contact.........

That is how i feed my driving and fog lights..thru proper relays of course with overiding switches................

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Exactly, and it must be true it's from a copper (did you check that first with Stu? :P )

The MOT test must be conducted on the vehicle as presented, so if the switch is off so that they don't come on with the main beam then it doesn't matter what height they are at as the don't come on.

Just like presenting a motor for test on lpg, the emission can be way out on petrol, but if presented for test on gas it has to be tested on gas ;)

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I thought there was a rule for road use: something like

not allowed if behind the position of the headlamps, thats how lorry drivers get with having them because they are not behind but above the headlamps on there cabs I may be wrong

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