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OT - siezed handbrake (Not a Landy though)

Guest MJG

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Some knowlegable types in here who may be able to help.....

Car Renault Megane 1.6 Sport. (Yes I know I wouldn't want one either??!! :rolleyes: I presume somebody may have had this with a drum braked (rather than transmission braked) Landy who can help.

Has been laid up for approx 8 weeks following MoT failure with myself and my daughters boyfriend (it's his mothers car) doing the various bits it needs as and when we can.

Last job today was to fit a new exhaust and CAT but unfortunatly it has been stood for the best part of the above 8 week period outside my daughters boyfriends house with the hand brake (drums on the rear) on which of course will not now release.

Attempts at releaseing it 'under power of the engine', a method I have always succesfully employed before, are just having no affect what so ever, it just drags it's rear wheels along the ground and is at risk of frying the clutch.

Any ideas any one???? :(

I thought about taking the wheel(s) off and attempting to lever with a long bar between the studs inserted back in the drum.... not sure if this will work.

Also if we have to strip them down to release it I can't see how the drums can come off with the handbrake stuck on other than smashing them off.....

Really stuck... knocked off for the day now as it's geting dark any help appreciated. :)

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Guest diesel_jim

Try removeing the wheels, and (carefully, so you don't shatter the drum) tapping all around to try and break the rust-grip that is holding them, and then wheels back on, and really aggressively trying to pull away both forwards and backwards (not at the same time! :rolleyes: )

Our tow-a-van trailers at work do this a lot, and i just "give it some" in reverse, that usually does the trick.

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hammer tapping method suggested here too. AFTER making sure its not the cable that seized holding the brakes on. i've found this much more common than the drums themselves sticking in the past on various cars.

option 2 - burn it & buy something not french :ph34r:

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Brother dragged our Ivor Williams flat bed trailer to town once and had one wheel st6ill locked after 10 miles. It wore the tyre away completely (10 miles BTW) A few swift taps with a hammer and the drum was free. The trailer is always locking up if you leave the brake on and usually you notice and give the drums a tap and all is OK.

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I would tentatively suggest heating them up evenly with a flame - the expansion may be enough to free them with some tapping. they should not get dsamaged since they will heat up in normal use anyway - obviouly you would not be looking to get them red hot; unlikely unless you got a meata heat shouce since there is a fair bit of metal to heat.

is it possible to dill and tap a hole and screw in a long bolt like on LR series drums? Ofcoulse you won;t know what you a drilling into?!

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