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Really Quick P/N request


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Having gone diseasel, I only have one ECU left to trash so I thought I should get a spare!

My ABS ECU is PRC7185.

Ebay has a couple that end really soon but the only part number I have is NTC8474 which I believe is for a 1993 model year.(When traction control was introduced on the rear axle).

Can anyone out there tell me if the two are interchangeable?


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Which year is your rangie? At a guess, fitting an older ECU to a '93 with TC will just loose you the TC, and fitting a later one to an earlier car will probably work just the ABS okay. However, it is just a guess. The traction control on '93 models was, I think, an optional extra - the standard system had all the wiring and software to support it, you just needed an additional valve block and possibly some extra pipework.

Do you know anyone with the version you don't currently have you could borrow from to try it. It it gets unhappy and throws a wobbly it's easy enough to clear all the error codes.

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