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O/T Well with no 90 i had 2 get a new Toy


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Bit of topic, but i do need my Rangie for towing :P

As some of you know im no longer doing winch challenges or hardly any offroading :( as it gives me more time to spend with my wife, with the spare time & cash weve spent the last couple of mnths enjoying our 20ft sports boat at weekends, well this weekend we spent every spare penny we had & brought this 27ft sunseeker with twin 260hp V8s ready for next summer, so looks like building any new offroaders will be taking a backseat for a while so i can afford to run it :lol:


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Mmmmmmm that is very nice :)

I have entered the delights of RIB ownership seven months ago and now about to enter my first summer with it which I am thoroughly looking forward to B)

The only thing is ... I know what my fuel bill is like (115hp 2 stroke outboard) so I'd hate to think what yours will be :ph34r: but I bet it goes like stink, what's the top speed of one of those things with all 520 ponies neighing? :huh:

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That is one very nice boat........

Boating beats off roading any day..... :ph34r:

I hate to say it and I might have to go and moderate myself but I agree :ph34r:

Here's mine and it's even got mud on it, and it runs Land Rover wheels on the trailer :P


I've hardly been anywhere in the 90 since I had my boat ..... would have been out on it today if it wasn't for the fact I'm bed-ridden from the nose down (obscure Blackadder quote)

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No way I can drive in/through water your boats are rubbish at greenlaning :)

Ahh but you will need one hell of a snorkle !!! :P

Tony,, As they say "don't knock it, untill you try it" best we have a little chat sometime, and sort a date !!

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Good boats, early Sunseeker, probably a Monterey ?? with twin Volvo Penta's ?

I would start a boat fuel kitty fund over the winter, ready for next year !!

Yep its a 1989 Monterey 27 but with twin mercruiser 5.7s same engine as the volvo,

told it should be good for approx 40knots, seems a waste using it on the Thames but it

will spend most of its time there & a few weekends in the solent

Anyway you dont need simexs when you hit mud with boats, just bloody good insurance :P

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As simon Le bon once said.

Sailing is like standing in a cold shower ripping up 50 pound notes

Powerboating, then, is like standing in front of a cold fire hose ripping them up faster :D

Anybody who is thinking about it and hasn't already, should take a look at the RIBnet forum lots of good advice and knowledgeable people on there, a bit like a nautical LR4x4 really :)

Just don't make your first question "These Leeway ribs, are they any good then, or not?" it's the Ermintrude of the rib world :ph34r:

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