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Noob hello

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Didn't know where to say hello so choose this forum. Hello!

My Disco: 300 TDi, 96 plate, 180k, Ive owned her for 14 years and done 140k in her, know her inside out. Shes been to Italy, Andora, Spain, France, Switzerland in my care, and up to 10,600 feet. Now getting on a bit, a little shabby but works. Doesn't burn any oil at all, doesn't leak. Bad points: I had to replace the front tyres ayear ago, her 3rd set :-( I had to replace the origional disks at the same time :-( She had to have the origional exhaust replaced about 4 years ago :-(

She once failed the MOT, some welding and .. the rear number plate light didn't work, the lamp was OK, but the holder was full of mud and corroded. Can't be bad eh? I'll keep her until she tells me she doesn't want me any more. Fuel cut of valve misbehaved about two years ago so I bypassed it but my intermittant starting problem (been there for 10 years) has become a permanent feature and not so easily solved by slapping the dash so it's finally time to get at the spider with my soldering iron. I'd like to thank "old hand" for what really is "the definative spider post"


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Welcome :)

Good luck with the spider, it really isn't that difficult to do though seems a bit intimidating ripping half the dash out!

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I've got the same car (probably?), '96 300TDI. Mine doesn't have a spider ! (I had to take the dash apart to figure that one out LOL).

I also had an intermittent starting problem , which was caused by the 1 (or more) of the 3 wires going into the Starter Solenoid. Gave them a wiggle and some WD40 - been fine for a few months. I have the "anti tamper" cover on the fuel pump - yours might be different - but thought it might be worth mentioning..

Good luck getting to the bottom of it.. either way.


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