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Towbar question

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I am currently rebuilding my 90 onto a Marsland Chassis. This has the td5 rear crossmember and per the very helpful people at Marsland a 110 td5 towbar is required due to the 110 towbar bracing arms bolting onto the chassis.

I am in the process of fitting the td5 tank to get rid of the old rusty side tank and the 110 style bracing arms will foul the tank due to the more direct angle to attach to the inner face of the chassis rails. I've looked at numerous pics of td5 90 towbars and only found one OE image that has the curved drop brackets to clear the tank but most of the other suppliers (witter/thule etc) do not. They just seem to have the slightly bent bracing arms that would lead to the outer face of the chassis and onto the brackets as shown in the pic below


anyone know if these are available separately?

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Hi. I don't know if anyone can supply them seperatly other than Ebay or somewhere but I need a set as well for my TD5 conversion. If you find out let me know. It is possible if worse comes to worse I can have a set fabricated.

Back to the TD5 tank brackets the one's I can get hold of have the towbar mount ready welded in by means of a threaded insert so new arms should just bolt up.


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