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Whitbread defender cages - pros and cons??

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Points I noticed were (and I am no expert on Roll cages)

1. No cross bracing so it will just push to one side in a roll.

2. The mounting points look rather feeble.

Having seen the pics of HFH's rollcages (I know he does tend to over engineer a little bit :P ), Nige's mounting points are much bigger and he uses welded supports rather than bolt on ones.

Not quite sure from the pictures how it mounts at the front but that rear mounting looks like a couple of M8 bolts to me.

Much better to talk to Northern Chris on this forum.



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I have a whitbread cage on my 90 truck cab. Its a weld-on one but its fine. It does have cross bracing and it is much heavier looking where it is welded to the chassis than that one. I did speak to Malcom about the hard top one but he said the rear hoop was more for tree protection unless you fitted extra bars inside which would loose load space. Im sure if you want one with heavier mountings and cross bracing he will do that for you. Give him a ring, He's a tidy chap and im real happy with mine. It been used plenty of time's with no sign of bending!

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Pinged on the e-bay and price wise as at the mo is reasonable for the money.

You would be hard pushed to make it for much less yourself, but, and its a big one it really is NOT up to the job in the event of a big roll, and these can happen when you least expect it ?

To be honest, if you can't make it yourself, or can't afford to have a proper job done then these are not too bad, and these are without doubt better than some others, and definately better than nothing.

But, when all said and done I wouldn't waste my money and trust my life to something that really is not up to the job,

Yer pays yer money.............................. :rolleyes:


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