Well this is gonna be quite a long story, but for those that bare the read, this should be worth your time. First off a quick picture of the Rangie in mention as I got it Friday: Now the story behind it. Many moons ago in Denmark the Danish Toyota club called Toyota4WD was one of the very few clubs allowing members to run cars at their events with no license plates etc. This of course drew a vast crowd as most people back then couldn't afford more than one car, so to destroy it every weekend, when you had to use it Monday wasn't always fun. But this way you could take a rusted out 4x4 and go have some fun with a minimal budget. Lots of cool cars were created, such as Aage's "Mokken" and a heap of other totally custom an innovative, yet budget-ish offroaders. But there was a flipside to it as well. More and more people would show up in downright dangerous 4x4's with no or little protection, and the fear of a serious injury became very apparent. So a safety regulation was launched that really forced people to build much safer cars, and though it would scare some people away at the beginning it has proven successful ever since. So when these regulations were introduced, some of the people behind it decided to build a brand new race-car that would be an example as to how it could be done. The Toyota4WD club has never been purely about Toyota's, and back then RRC's, as now, provide a really competitive foundation for a race-car, so that's what they built. And that very car is the one I now have! Having passed the inspection for the Toyota4WD club every year for over a decade, she is still going strong! Not least thanks to the owner of it for most of it's life whom has really kept it in top nick. There is very little rust to be found in the body and none in the chassis. So by all means a great racer, well build and thought-out, and well maintained. And the nickname "JWH" simply is the initials of the owner who took such good care of it. Now that I have my greasy hands on it, I think it deserves an update. So have started by fixing various odds and ends, and generally gone through everything and removed some of all the stuff that I didn't like or need on it. It is a race-car, so keeping the weight down is quite important. As of now it's still running the stock axles, but have ordered Ashcroft airlocker and axles for the front end, and planning on running a welded and shaved Sal's in the rear. Engine-wise it has a healthy SD1 engine mated to the ever faithful LT95, so power is adequate and gearbox is simple and reliable. well enough chat for now, here are the pics of it as it sits now after my tidy-up and personalizing touches:
And lastly a little flex-pic, just because you have to