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Strange things happen when the brake pedal is pushed

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Had an old 110 in the workshop recently, one of the ones with a V8 and sliding windows. The owner had never noticed that when you put the brakes on the front sidelights came on.....

Had a newish TD5 in the workshop recently, and the owner mentioned that the engine would not stop if the brake pedal was pushed.... Also the dash lights came on...

The cause in both cases was the same. Some twit had fitted a standard single-filament 21w indicator bulb into the stop/tail light socket. It takes a bit of effort, but can be done. The bulb then shorts the brake light when the pedal is pushed causing all sorts of strange effects.

The TD5 owner insisted that nobody had touched the rear lights at any time (Yeah well). So I reckon the bulb must have changed itself.

Just thought you might like to know in case you also get strange electrical happenings.

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Interesting! I shall file that away for future reference... :)

Anybody in the business will have heard the "No definitely nobody had ever touched that ever honest its just as it left the factory" excuse. Usually about once a week :rolleyes:

My experience of customers "advice of the symptoms" is to completely ignore it. Example: one of our company hire vehicles was reported as having a "gearbox or diff fault and I know a bit about vehicles you know" because when you drove it forwards "the front wheels turned forwards and the back wheels turned backwards". Turned out to be the handbrake frozen on :rolleyes:

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