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Discovery Clock

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A common fault on Discoverys is a very dim clock display. This is caused by the bulb being blown, so all you see is the LCD display with no backlighting which means you can read the time, but not easily.

Easy to fix, 2 minute job.

Get two old credit cards or something of a similar thickness (I have two "keys" made of thin galvanised iron sheet about 2" wide x 6" long, these are about half the thickness of a credit card so are much easier to get in).

Slide one in above the clock (it pays to wiggle it in rather than just shoving it straight in), and one in below, this will release the clips holding the clock in. Withdraw both simultaneously, the clock will come out with the "keys". If it doesn't, push them in a bit further and try again. You can usually feel the clips releasing.

Look on the back and you will find a small screw-in-quarter-of-a-turn bulb and holder. Remove. Dump. Get new one from:

1) a Land Rover dealer, part number BAU5311L


2) Halfords, part number 509T: Exterior/Interior Bulb 12V/1.2W

Fit new bulb

Stuff the clock back in the hole

Job done :)

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