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Auto Box - 3 speed...problem.


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I have the chance of purchasing a cheap truck, the only problem being it will not select reverse. The auto box fitted is a A-747 3 speed automatic unit (Chrysler?), I believe the box fitted as standard to pre-1984 Range Rovers.

Any pointers on where the problem is lying? The parts needed to repair? Cost? And if the repair is a 'specialist job'?

Any information will be gratefully recieved.



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According to my refrence for this trans, you are looking at one of the following:

Shift linkage adjustment may be out, try adjusting the linkage.

Line pressure too low or faulty valve body, needs pressure test.

Low and reverse band adjustment required.

Valve body malfunction. Remove and inspect.

Front clutch or rear servo inoperative.

Broken planetary gears.

The linkage is easy to do, use the w/shop manaul or book of lies. Same for the Low and reverse band adjustment, but you'll have to remove the sump and filter to do it.


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And remember that adjustments to brake bands are in lbs/in not lbs/ft! :)

I'll second that..... Conversion formula can be found in the Haynes book.

Don't ask why, just don't ask!

With addition that you'll need a 1/4" square attachment for your torque wrench. I made one by welding the business end of a 1/4" drum brake adjusting tool to an old socket.

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