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2a over drive


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I am thinking of fitting an over drive to my 2a.

firstly is it worth it, and secondly how much do you pay for a second hand one, and is it worth buying a second hand one

i would appreciate any views!

it all depends if your engine has enough power to pull the extra gearing, you'll pay 2-250 for a s/hand unit roughly.

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What engine do you have?

I fitted an o/drive to my 2.25 diesel IIa and it works well, and was well worth the money. Adittedly I paid less than £250 but that seems to be about the going rate for them. The new roverdrive units seem to be big money...

Spares are an issue with the fairey/superwinch overdrives - particulalrly the main sleeve bearing. If you buy a second hand one, make sure this bearing is included.

Hope that helps


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Fairey /Superwinch overdrives are not much chop on long journeys in hot climates. They boil their oil and the heat burns through the case hardening on the helical gears. The gearbox to overdrive mainshaft connecting sleeve also frets the splines away due to lack of lube. If you pick a good one up very cheap it may be worth giving it a run, but personally I wouldn't waste any time or money on them.


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