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Front Diffs. What are using and have you had any problems?

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In my quest to learn of people experiences, both good and bad, regarding tweeks and mods to their Land Rover, I am after hearing from you folks who have chosen to change the standard Front differential to a limited slip, torque biasing or total locking unit.

Any troubles regarding the duty of such a diff either when on road or during off usage will be gratefully recieved.



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ive got a tru-trac LSD in the front of my disco, no problems with it so far. must be over a year since i put it in now. my only observation on them is that when you lift a wheel they have a habit of acting like an open diff - however this is mentioned in the blurb about them so its not a complaint just the way the diff works. touching the brakes can make it behave properly again.

btw mine is 10spline with stock shafts/CVs running 235/85 machos. so far ive only broken one shaft & i believe that it wasnt due to the way it was used. the ring of bolts holding the crownwheel on came loose & i think the diff was shaking/juddering etc which the shaft wouldnt like. it also went with almost no load on it & no twisting of the splines, it looks like it was snapped rather like a twig. i put this down to the failure of the threadlock in the diff rather than anything else.

so yeah err...anyway tru-trac i likes i like them & they do the job rather well in my opinion.

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To be honest Andy, this is the diff unit I have been interested in and so far you are the only reply to the question posted.

That means it's a 100% recommendation of the Truetrac......

Crown Diffs (Nottingham?) are doing an excellent deal on them now so it could be time to purchase.

Christmas is coming though.......

Oh Sarah....any chance of Santa bringing a........



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i picked mine up 2nd hand at the same time as detroit for the rear, the difference is amazing with the two compared to before.

as an aside i've heard off a mate in snotland that since he fitted a LSD in the front (i think he used a quaiffe) that his 90 doesnt wander nearly as much. it seems to help it pull straight & overcome the castor problems of a lift. i know mine goes straighter with them, but as to which helps ive no idea.

oh i seem to remember something about tru-tracs only lasting a few years in the REAR of V8 trucks, but i guess the rear gets a lot more loading when climbing hills etc.

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i am now running an ARB in the front as i wanted hardend shafts from Ashcroft and they only do 24spline, i had std open 10 spline prior on std shafts (plus broke on in this setup!)

to date Ashcrofts shafts and ARB have been excellent.

you may want to upgrade CVs if you dont already have 2255 (or what ever the number is)

i had a Quiaffe in the rear (LSD, 10 spline) for a while belive thats also suited to front is/was for sale although buyer hasn't paid and keeps putting off collecting/apying, i thinks hes ginving the run around. so if your intersted let me know.

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The TruTrac isn't a locker or LSD, it's a torque biasing diff. If you can get your head around the pictures of how they work, it's a beautiful and elegant mechanism. It behaves exactly like a normal diff until a wheel approaches the limit of traction, then biases (multiplies) the available torque to the wheel with most resistance (and therefore grip). If you lift a wheel, the bias ratio times zero is zero, so no power (like an open diff). As Andy said, you can simulate resistance by dragging the brakes slightly.

In the front axle you might find that there's more feedback through the steering - for example, if you accelerate hard in a RH roundabout you might spin the front right wheel. The TruTrac will bias the torque to the LH front wheel, giving you more usable grip but it may pull/snatch the steering to the right too. Of course, if you back off enough to stop the spinning wheel, all will return to normal.

I have one in the rear of my Ninety, it's completely transparent on the road unless you're being REALLY silly in roundabouts, and even then only under heavy power. If I find another 24 spline one at the right price, it'll go in the front axle too.

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