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Coil spring compressor ?

Les Brock

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I need to replace the front turret retaining rings, now with OME 740 + 2 springs IIRC...IE long and not all that easy to get out :blink:

Last time I had them out, I used a 8 foot solid bar, jammed somewhere :unsure: , pushing down on the hocky stick with 3 - 9 inch hollow blocks right at the end to get enough downward leverage to pull the springs out :lol:

and the retaining bolts as loose as possible to allow as much movement on the bushes as poss

theres got to be an easier way....

No not a 3 link :D

will coil spring compressors work or are they either not long enough or not man enough

and it's a absolute git of a job on your own <_<

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ratchet straps x2 the 1.5inch ones are fine

1 either side and start ratcheting them down, good as you can release them slowly too.

PS odd as If I disconnect the shocks and lower the axle to it;s limit I can cat my springs out but hand(and a boot to kick them)

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With the weight of the vehicle on the axle/axle stand, use some straps around as many of the coils of the spring as you can, preferably at three equally spaced points. Then when you lower the axle whilst holding the chassis up, the spring will be plenty short enough to pop out easily. Replacement is the reverse of removal.

If you have spring compressors, this will work fine too.

With this method you don't need to 'tighten' anything up, because the weight of the vehicle does most of it for you.



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Yes they work Les. :) I borrow mine from local service place down the road when I need them. Left 20 quid deposit when I first did it, but now no need.

The Sealey ones start at about 16 pounds and up to about 30-35 for a good set with the safety clamps. Very easy to use and make the job a breeze.


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