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Interclub Challenge Charity Photo's


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The Disc of photo's from the Interclub Challenge 2006 is now for sale.

This disc contains almost 400 photo's from the day and only costs £5!

Please remember all profits from this sale goes to the Air Ambulance.

If you visit Challenger 4x4 The Club and click on the "Interclub Photo's" link on the left hand side, you can register your interest in purchasing the disc and we will contact you shortly after.

Please tell anyone you know who was there on the day, but does not read this forum, as the more money we can raise the better.

The disc includes some classic shots such as

I didn't spill my coffee.....



Does my bum look big with this Simex?


Thanks for your time (and money!)

Kev BE.

NB: All photo's are 3008x2000 pixels!

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will you have any of the CDs at Sodbury?

Yep, good idea, we will bring a few along with us, but could i ask you to fill out the form on the www site so i can guage how many to produce. Thanks.

Kev BE.

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Thanks to everyone, who's requested a disc, for your support.

The majority of requests via Challenger4x4 The Club have been to pick them up from Sodbury, so we will hopefully see you all there!

The others we will post on the Monday after.

Thanks again for your support, we will give the final figure, raised by sale of Polo shirts and Discs, to Neil on Monday.

Kev BE

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Sent an email via the site about two discs but dont seem to have heard anything. ?

Hi, in order that i can check whats going on, I'm going to need your name please mate, as i dont have one from gnomeranger and i dont know who you are.


Kev BE

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I sent a mail through the website but haven't heard anything yet either...


Really sorry for the delay in getting these posted out.

I will be posting the CD's to all those who registered their address on the web site today! and contacting those who just left messages.

In the pack i will be sending, will be details of how to pay! (but simply, make a cheque out to "challenger4x4 the club" and pop it in the post to Challenger 4x4, Oxenden Road, Tongham, Surrey GU10 1AJ, remembering its £5 perdisc.) As its for charity i dont mind sending the disc before payment as i'm sure i'll get all the money in.

Thanks all for your paitience and i apologise again for the delay.

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