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New Magazine Article Ideas???????


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I've seen a number of people bemoan the lack of good articles in the LR/Off-Roading mags so I thought I'd start a thread to see what people wanted to see.

So post your articles here that you want to see in the mags.

To start the ball rolling I tought of a couple that I haven't seen yet..

Plasma ropes - A series of articles on What types, How to splice, how to handle (or how not to handle ;) ) Which one for which winch

Winches - A series of articles on break down of main components, how to pick one, when and how to service, waterproofing, pros/cons of different types


Steve :)

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It's been suggested before (and not by me, but I can't remember who to credit) but going forward we could look into accompanying the forum with an online magazine, with articles authored by forum members, maybe a few regular slots and we could perhaps talk a few recognised experts to write on their field. Great PR for them if we've a decent readership, which seems almost guaranteed, so I'd guess many would be happy to write for free, especially if they've a commercial interest.

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Guest mr_wuffles
It's been suggested before (and not by me, but I can't remember who to credit) but going forward we could look into accompanying the forum with an online magazine, with articles authored by forum members, maybe a few regular slots and we could perhaps talk a few recognised experts to write on their field.

a bit like Pirate 4x4 do?

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Yeah right - more TECH!

For me, it would be more imaginative mods - I think the UK has a very blinkered sense of how to 'upgrade' an offroader.

I'd like to see solid tech articles on (few ideas):

* shock performance factors, including the maths of, for example, replacing single shocks with multiple ones, the thermal effects of remote reservoirs and cooling, bump to droop ratio selection (and WHY), the design of different shocks and construction - why you might want one type over another, rate variation, etc etc...

* Suspension geometry - axle wrap, CoG effects, immediate centre, roll centre, link length ratios, link angles, link count (1, 3, 4, 5...) & the differences - why choose one over another, relative performance in different circumstances... etc

* Axle shaft tech - materials, treatments, geometry, spline geometry, spline count, manufacturing methods and their affect on performance, UJs vs CVs, CV selection and adaptation, axle building for increased strength... etc

I was gonna go on, but you get the idea!...

Maybe some articles on techniques that can be useful - like welding, tube bending, wiring, cutting, painting, chroming, supa-doopa-bass-booster-bling-tech and neon under-side light application... blah blah...

Comparison articles between the different available options for a specific mod - e.g. portal axles since these are starting slowly to be used here, but it could be anything - power steering boxes, seats, GPS, anything. Decent, full anaylsis, not wishy-washy sales talk.

Also, I'd like to see a series of COMPLETE well written 'standard' upgrades, with engineering drawings, parts lists, suppliers etc, for example a step-by-step guide to fitting a Range Rover power steering box to a series landy, or any of those other common mods that people always ask about. Just print it in a complete long-winded way ONCE, and that's it, ifanyone asks: just see article 'X'... I don't mean the usual 2 pages with 5 photos and vague explanations, I mean EVERYTHING.

It seems to me that most or all of the current writers simply don't know about this stuff or have a suitable background to be able to research it, understand it and present it in a way people can digest.

I thought about writing stuff like this before, but I'm not sure I have the time or knowledge...

I can easily imagine a 6 month or year-long series of articles on any of the above topics, and a great many more which could provide interesting, informative, useful and original copy for YEARS to come.


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I'd like to see true, independant tests. So if for example they decide to test mud terrain tyres, actually back to back test differnet ones on the same vehicle. Instead all they ever seem to do is "test" them by re-printing the manufacturers brochures.

I guess its casue they're always too worried about upsetting whatever supplier they're getting a freebe from this month!

It'd also be nice to see more tech articles, and not just "we got our favourite 4x4 supplier to bolt this bling onto our 90". The only tech they ever seem to do these days is bolt on.

Finally on the tech side of things stop endlessly printing answers to questions that can be found in the haynes manual........

Oh and finally feature some vehicles that are actually different and have had some thought put into them......... any idiot can bolt a set of alloys onto a 90 and then cover it in chequer plate. Seen it before, its boring........


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Perhaps not quite on topic, but I made some rock sliders for catflapII recently and have already been asked to make 2-sets for Rangys and 3 for series motors. It seems these things are expensive and sometimes a pig to fit. So I might make a set and donate them to someone who would then hammer the buggery out of them and give a totally fair opinion about them. People could then buy with confidence having seen them in action and not read some glossy advert about how wonderful they might be. A bird in a bikini is all very nice, but testing something to destruction in the environment it is designed for would be the best way of doing it. Besides, we have Fi, she could provide the semi-naked female bod. :P

a simple disclaimer at the top of the forum to inform people that they can't sue and that testing is a personal opinion would most likely be enough fopr the legal side of things.


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More stuff on clubs and club members. :lol:

less bolt on freebie gear, Make the writers work on their own cars instead of driving down to nene roberland etc :angry:

Alot less "i am going round the world in my 110" just like the chap last month and the month before. LRM seem to be the worst for this. <_<

Less extreme 90 which challenge event vehicles, i think that 3 out of 4 mags had one of these featured in the same month. :angry:

More "normal cheap landies" :lol: i.e 200tdi disco's and 90/110's plus RaRo's these are the cars most of the people i know own. Also these are mainly what joe bloggs buy's to go and play at the local pay and play or greenlane, not a £20,000 special.

More stuff on fixing things, LRE :angry: has done a feature on rebuilding a lt77 box. Who is going to do that! maybe 5% of their readership, should have done a " how to check/ repair your wheel bearing" or how to replace your TDI radiator" these things need doing alot more offten than a gearbox rebuild.

And is it just me or has LRO got harder to read/look through since their " new look" I think it's kack.


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I think any mag struggles to constantly come up with fresh and new ideas for articles and its a difficult job to please all.

tech articles and how to do things; 300tdi water pump etc in recent LRO(?) i think is good to give confidence and graphical view of how to do things.

its also good to see the bolt ons being put on but rarely do we ever see any feedback on what had been done. for example LRO recently showed Ashcrofts and fitting and underdive and expalining how it all worked. however with this example you don't get a linkage system to engage it; so how about - 'this is how we made our linkage using etc etc'. then after fitting how about some feedback saying how they found the product benefits etc etc.

they also did a crawler box, JE chipping to a 90, a GKN overdrive the list is probably endless, theres rarely any before and after points on it that are a true comparison. having said that i think the JE chipping showed before and after dyno readings, but again nothing on any quantity on feedback once the chipping had been done eg: mpg, crusing speed etc say over the first 2mths of use.

LRW or LRW recently did an article on testing various chips/intercooler/plug in modules as a comparison they did timings for 1/4 mile, 0-60 etc etc. they also had a stock vehcile as a benchmark. all good to see but some of the vehicles were discos, some 90s, some on MT some on road tyres some with snorkels etc etc so how can it be a real comparison?

i think more tech articles would prob please forum members, most of use being here to answer others tech queries and hopefully solve some of our own problems but also articles that show feedback 2mths down the line since fitting. - eg this plasma rope i had fitted 3mths ago is great for the codriver and ease of use but its a bugger to clean it after an event, i find using a bucket and cold water the best approach. i have also noticed that its frayed slightly due to being dragged across the ground so therefore value a protector sleeve more so than on a wire rope' anyway you get the idea.

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the effects of mods

Ie castor correction arms on lifted 90's

how did Wills 110 get so many dents


what is the heaviest 90 in existence

LRE's home workshop where they visit Devon4x4 to have a winch installed FOC I guess.

how to fit/fix ARB's

how to change UJ'/wheel bearings in real life with mud/rusted fixings.

when will Minstead be on a guessing competiton

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... we have Fi, she could provide the semi-naked female bod.

a simple disclaimer at the top of the forum to inform people that they can't sue...

Charming! :P I would like to reassure everyone, I do not own a bikini, and never will!

I like the Q&A articles - I usually learn more from others questions than reading an article on "how to"

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I'd like to see true, independant tests.

I'm with John on this one - the recent 8 page test of tyres [LRO?] was disgraceful. Every one, including the budgets, was absolutely brilliant. No advertiser could be offended. The assembled panel of 'experts' looked like the cast of the spoof cop series 'Operation Good Guys'.


I had a long chat with panel member xxxxx, who runs Scrapiron Engineering, at Billing who complained that nothing he said was reported - 'load of carp.....waste of a bloody day' - well at least he's honest about magazine articles.

I'd like to see in each issue regular features covering upgrades/repairs covering easy/semi-expert/very complex categories. I'd also like to gain further insight into trouble shooting - bet we've all been messed around by untraceable electrical problems for example.

And, above all, better pics/description/explanation. LRO used to do some of this.....


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maybe scrap the whole printed magazine,shiny bolt on bits and hundreds of ads, and have it all online instead !!

mind you difflock does that :-)

i subscribed to lre after i bought my defender, but i have leant alot from the old forum,manuals, and generaly talking to people, and find that it now takes about 10 mins to read the whole magazine, as i find most of it useless for my tastes, and wont be re-subscribing, after saying that, the magazine does try to cater for alot of differant tastes, winching events,shows,bling,tricked up landrovers,older vehicle info,military articles, and some tech stuff. but alas lre cant please everybody all the time.

100+ pages of ads isnt a selling point in my opinion


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I'd like to see more advanced technical articles - more like the American mags. More stuff on how to build your own, perhaps with paper cutting templates that you can print out?

Although I have pretty good facilities now, many of the bit's I've made were done by the side of the road with some very basic tools - and if anything, I was more proud of the achievement than I would be making the same thing now.

There are people supplying decent components which can be incorporated into designs - like ball joints for example which can fill the gap between what you want and what you can fabricate.

A bit like the electronics mags of old. Each issue should include a couple of projects with enough info to actually complete it.

There are people who would prefer to buy shiny bits they can bolt on - but given enough info many of these may be encouraged to have a go themselves - and will never look back.

I really hate the "This month we show you how to fit <fill in blank> to your Landy" (Air conditioning is my pet favorite) where the article can be summarised in "Take it to a specialist & give them loads of money".

Reviews of new kit are important - otherwise we would never get to know about useful stuff. Independent reviews are desirable - but in the real world, the mags have to steer a line between the public & retailers.

One solution might be to allow the retailers to have a say in the article if there are negative comments about their kit - for example.

"We welcome the feedback provided here and in future we will not be fitting the razor wire to our steering wheel covers"

Tell you what - if there was an equivalent to Which? for off road kit - I'll bet it would sharpen up the customer service and quality of the kit of a lot of suppliers.

Gets my vote!


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