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Hood Louvers


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Hey there...

Would like to move some hot air from under the hood, and was thinking of installing louvers/vents (lots of articles showing that they can allow for this...)

I'm trying to make them fit on the hood in 3 locations...if you notice a central single sided sheet trapezoidal space (one big one) and two triangles on the side (two long ones)...thinking of two long and one square in the middle...


Any lead on affordable, light and FUNCTIONAL louvers online that I can order ASAP?



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I have ut the side of bonnet (s3 LWT) and used mesh with a betal inside to direct air flow out and stop water in.

yours are on horizontal surface so a big hole may not be such a greate idea - the louvres will stop waer going in when driving.

easiest/cheapest is to get won to B&Q and fit thier aluminium (or shiny brass - stronger but more ££) to the bonnet. come in 3 or 4 length - and also available with a shutter to close of entirely.

I used one on my kit car bonnet.


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First, my apologies. I had cast aspersions on the aesthetics of the Truggy based on photos earlier in the build and I have to say it now looks sweet!

These are what you need - I actually like the Large Louvers in stainless steel


Marine Fittings

and more

Looks like a good excuse for a trip out to Jounieh or Byblos to the marina and lunch at the Captain's ;)

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