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Completly O/T - laying slate floors

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This is completly O/T but I thought that some of you may be able to help.

I am planing on laying slate floors on the up stairs verandahs of my soon to be completed home. Slate is rarely used in these parts and the know how considering it's use is poor to non-existent. Some of the contactors tell me that laying slate on an upstairs verandah (there are rooms beneath) is suicidal in that it will never keep the water out ?! I have grown tired of contarctors and am thinking of doing the job myself - I have good hands but am I biting off more than I can chew ?!

The slate comes in 30 X 30 cm pieces and is fairly even but not smooth. It is a yellowish brown and as yet not sealed.

I know that slate is fairly common in the UK so maybe you can give me some pointers ?!

LR content - if I can avoid a disaster then I will be left with more money to play with on my two Defender 110s.



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Mkae sure you ;

Plywood glue & screw the floor 1st.

Use a waterproofing product like perabond with fibre taped joints as per instructions £250 for 20m 2.

Jet wash slate 1st if its dirty or dusty from the quarry.

Seal the face side of the slate before laying.

Use epoxy adhesives & grout & keep whole floor well sealed regularly !!!

If you can give the floor a little fall if possible.

Lastly pray a lot for not too much movement :D

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best quality ply well screwed to sub-floor or joists,then fibre-glass covering turned up wall where verander abutts house (then lead flashing or waterproof render covering up-turn,or whatever is suitable for your type of building),and continuing right to external face of building,into gutters if you have them.use any flexible wide joint floor tile adhesive to fix slate.do not rely on slate/adhesive/grout to keep out water,it almost certainly will not due to deflection of timber floor structure causing small fractures.you must use some non-permiable membrane or barrier under the slate to stop moisture,preferably continuous with no joins.i suggest fibreglass,lead is also sometimes used,but only for small areas.this set up is how wet room showers are installed on timber sub-floors,so should be adequate.try asking a local bathroom/shower specialist for recomended brand products.

does it rain in Israel?

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Afterthought - you might try speaking to a fibreglass flat roof contractor to discuss your needs,you could still then do it yourself - unethical?.Your slate covering would be more or less a decorative finish.As said above,you definately should have a fall on it.One in a hundred would be better than nothing.

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Only mortars and artillery fire. :ph34r:


Yes it does rain, as in wet rain - aswell as scud missiles and all sorts of other pieces of ordanance but where I am it is dry both in terms of rain (being a desert and all that) and in terms of the other stuff (the rag heads don't even know where this is let alone care).

In Israel we build using concrete and brick with little or no wood especially in this area where we have LOTS of termites. Generally floors are laid over a layer of sand which has all the plumbing etc in it and are held in place by cement. If all is well than the area beneath the soon to be laid slate should be sealed irrespective of whether any water gets benaeth the slate or not however if the sand soaks up enough water dampness will spread and the structural stress of the weight of the wet sand will not do the building any good.

NB with a user name like Jericho you belong here !!


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As far as I know [i worked helping a guy lay slate for a while] you lay slate on [wet] cement; particularly when you've got a solid base underneath; add a bit of unibond to the cement for give, I suppose it was sharp sand in the cement, the main technical aspects of it looked as though they were that you just have to screed the wet cement well so it's level; then picking the slates for fit/evenness is a bit of a skill I suppose too

good luck

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