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defender wheels

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ive never heard of a problem from using them, its just something thats always said on difflock.com if this question is asked. not that i use difflock anymore, but i was top poster once (geek alert) so i remember a few bits.

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i believe the D1 steels dont have as higher weight rating as 110 rims, never heard of one breaking though.

I think people may getting confused - the "rostyle" steel rims as used on the classic Range Rover (and later on the 90 station wagons) definately weren't rated to the GVW of a 110. I've not seen any figures on the disco rims, but as they are significantly thicker than the standard LR 110 rims, logic would dictate that they are at least as strong, if not more so.

I run Disco steels on my own 110 and have never had a problem.


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In answer to the first question - as far as I'm aware there are no mods necessary to the wheels to get them to clear the hubs on a 90....

why is a Rostyle wheel called that?

[anorak with badges]

Rostyle - the name came from the firm that made them... Rubery Owen. They made wheels which were used by a lot of the major (British) car firms back in the 60's and 70's

[/anorak with badges]

Do I get a prize??? :)


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Surely if they were called Rubbery they must have been making tyres not wheel rims? :ph34r:

Nope :rolleyes: , I spelled it right :D

Rubery Owen also developed/produced this extremely rare 101 powered axle trailer


& now IIRC are known for Artic trailer axle components/assemblies as ROR [Rubery Owen Rockwell]

Just found this RO advert for that mentions the Ro-style wheels

Ro-style Wheels advert

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