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list of all electrical components on a 2.25p SIII


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Bizarre post but I'm nearing the end of a 18-month nut and bolt rebuild of a 1972 SWB SIII 2.25 hard top.

The PO butchered everything, but I've put it all right. I'm now ready to fit my new autosparks loom, but given that he removed just about everything electrical I thought I'd check here to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.





ignition barrel


assorted switches and dials

washer pump

fuse box



... then I start to get stumped.

"flasher unit" I've heard this mentioned but don't know where its supposed to go

"voltage regulator" as above

can you think of any other little boxes of trucks that I haven't thought of?

Many thanks.

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Just find a copy of the circuit diagram that applies for your truck and you'll find a numbered list of components at the bottom and a convenient diagram of the connections too.

But without having that to look at here I would add horn, heater blower motor, fuel level sender, reverse light switch, brake light switch, it might have a PDWA sensor and light, interior lights and switch and hazard warning switch to your list.

If you are concerned about a wiring harness you won't care about the plugs as their only connection is the HT leads to the dizzy. While not part of the harness themselves you will also have the engine to chassis ground (Good practice to have two), battery ground and batt positive.

Oh, and if you have invested a lot of time and money into your truck its a good idea to add an additoinal fuse panel to bump up the circuit protection over the rather miserly OEM fuse panel.

The wiring diagram will be your friend.

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I found that the Repair operation manual and parts catalogue were really helpful for this. The dashboard wiring diagram was especially useful.

The voltage regulator and flasher unit go behind the dash pushed into little metal cradle things.

I fitted an autosparks loom and found it pretty easy as once you start putting it in the wires end pretty much where components should be; If you've got connectors and no component then you're probably missing something :)

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