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Poliall hinges - anyone used them?


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Contemplating options for a continuous hinge on my current 'ploy' (more info to follow). Need a weatherproof 1.8m hinge and can either use ordinary stainless steel and fit some neoprene seals to probably stop water ingress or go the whole hog for some of the Poliall type hinge with the PU insert which is weatherproof along its length. Like this (down to the page middle, and from 14391 onwards.)

Of course unlike a 'mechanical' hinge with a hinge pin this is a flexible PU hinge like on a tupperware box. What I'm curious about is their robustness. It's expensive stuff but if it works and will last it might be worth it. If it's not that longlived then stainless and a gasket at 50% of the cost might be a better bet.

Anyone got any experience? Or know what the typical lifespan is, or how many 'folds' it can do before going croak?

(My use is across the vehicle front, facing oncoming weather as you drive - so pretty 'exposed'.)

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I looked at those hinges for a project - but thought "HOW MUCH!!!!!".

Instead I used a length of continuous stainless hinge (eBay) and sandwiched a piece of old inner-tube between the hinge & the panels. Even exposed to sunlight 365 days a year, the rubber survived without cracking. This gave a strong, waterproof and most of all cheap hinge!


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