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110 camper conversion

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My partner just returned from a trip home to Germany and bought me a local 4x4 magazine to read (90 pages and at most 5 pages of adverts!!!!!!!!!!) Lots of soft roader type stuff but some hardcore too. What caught my eye was the following camper converion

110 camper

Reuses the original roof and you can leave the bed made up with the roof down. Cost is 5900 euro (3970£) including fitting and painting. It also says you can move it from one vehicle to another.

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An Extec roof would be on my 'Dream 110'. Their stuff is beautifully made but damned expensive. They also offer a hydraulic assist roof for lazy buggers.

Another similar (better?) option is made in Switzerland by this outfit.

They use a completely re-fabricated roof section that unlike the standard LR roof is strong enough to stand on and take the weight of kit strapped directly to the roof.

Prices are similar but strictly speaking you've got taxes to pay on either when you bring them back into country. Or you just do what someone I know did. Drive your 110 to Switzerland, hang around for two days while they fit the roof, then drive back to the UK and keep looking forward and try to act normally when you pass through customs! It worked!

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There would be no tax to pay on the German one if you paid local taxes due to EU rules and regs. You might be able to ask to have the job done without VAT and pay it back in the UK but I think you need to be VAT registered to do that these days and it would need to be a business expense. The Swiss option would still require some form of tax payable on return (if anyone knew!)

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Whilst this 'Camper' issue is knocking around, does anybody know of a firm who sell aluminium extrusion in different profiles and the moulded aluminium corner finishings, etc, that you could us to make an accommodation cell on the back of a pick-up type body?

I think there is a supplier in the West Midlands but not too sure. It needs to be in the UK anyway.



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