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Gearbox rubber mount choice


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As soon as I find time I'm going to be replacing the four speed series gearbox with an LT77 in my 109. I'm going to custom make mounts to support it on the series crossmember, as per the original, which has been done a number of times.

Would the series rubbers be better or the defender ones?

There's been discussions in the past about the hardness of engine mount rubbers and noise transfer. Series mounts are certainly the same for engine and 'box, not sure about defender ones, but is there any 'improvement' to be gained from using defender rubbers or shall i stick with the series ones? It's one less thing to store spares for if I stick with them.

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Ed, I've just replaced my LT77 and T-box for a R380 stumpy with recon T-box and have used Bearmach gearbox mountings and have noticed no difference in any extra vibration or excessive noise after fitting them-They seem for what they are very good



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The Defender ones are handed and sit at different heights and don't have as much rubber in them as series ones. I'd say if you're inventing things to make fit then the series ones would be easier to work with.

As John has done, Bearmach or other reputable source is the way to go and save yourself the pain, suffering and misery of something in a blue box.

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