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Adventure Overland Show.

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It's a 4x4 show bit not one about mudplugers but overland vehicles, lots of bushcraft and heavy overland trucks, everything from expeditions foods to natural soaps, motorbikes, cycles with balloon tyres, £300k+ trucks to £200 trailer tents knocked up in the garden, seminars, talks practical demos, good ideas and generally a great knowledgeable people from literally all over the world, if you want to do it, there will be someone who already has and can tell you all about the pitfalls or sell you the equipment. And they have dancing, food from all over the world and best of all several well stocked bars!!

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I went today and it was nice to have a walk around and listen to some really interesting stuff in the seminars. I think the best thing was just to see owning a 4x4 from a different angle. The LR shows cross many different user groups, whereas this is more of a gathering of likeminded people. It's nice to chat without feeling like you're being sold to.

The fact there's so many other types of vehicle there makes me realise why I prefer Land Rovers. Particularly the Land Cruisers which look a bit OTT (although it's easy to get Defenders like that) and those 6x6 MAN trucks which are hardly a conspicuous way to travel...!

I think it needs to be careful in future to not go down the "accessories" route so that it only portrays the image that to drive your vehicle across the globe you need lots of expensive pieces of equipment, which would help to fuel the "all gear no idea" mentality. It should be more about the desire to see new cultures and getting outside your comfort zone.

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Best show non 'steam fair' show I've been to in ages

Great vehicles and that was just the campsite

Loads of traders selling stuff that was useful - most I've never seen at Land Rover shows although I have no idea why

The guys at West Coast Off Road who must be the oldest surviving 4x4 bits company in the UK were a great bunch - not stuck up their collective backside like some companies I could name but won't. They even had the new EU compatible Maxxis MT on show and on sale..

The bar was a rip off though - off set by the most excellent Severn Valley Cider stand with it's own bar

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All this positive talk makes me feel even worse as was all ready to go to the show, truck all kitted out for sleeping when I had a call to head South as a relative was very ill.

Never mind, will def go next year :-)

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Good show, very interesting people, great attitude and as previously said not the "being sold to " spirit, the biggest and only complaint from me, the toilets, they were disgusting , disgraceful, the show was worthy of better and more were obviously were needed, and maybe some of the users have a better aim. Will definitely plan to go next year but to get the best from the show and get the "experience" I will want to stay for the two days, I attended two seminars, one about Bushcraft, very good, and another by Andrew Pierre White, again very good. I'm sure we all have our own ideas about over landing and camping and we do what suits us, but I enjoyed seeing other peoples way of doing things. Well done to the organisers. Regards to all

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Hi everybody, my wife and i was helping Tom at the show, Dilys in the office, and me yoda outside, glad to read all the feed back, and glad to hear people will be back next year. Allready have plans in place for a better layout and differant speakers for next year, yes sad about some odd people useing the toilets as target practice,and not that good, the toilets next to the office were cleaned 3-4 times a day by a very nice lady.

Sorry it has taken me time to reply, streight after show we went off on a 2 month trip down through Europe and into Morrocco with 4 others from the show.

And Tom has been very busy making next year show better also a new Land Rover show in June same venue, see below


L R show with a defferance, hope to see some of you thier as well as the Overland show.

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