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land rover defender 90 drum brake issues


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hi all i have a 1992 defender 90

its suposidly had an indepth restoration so far im less than convinced of the compitance of said rebuild

anyway iv got a couple of questions see if you all can help me with

the rear stub axle has been butchered with the grinder in the past where its had a bearing seize, I have a rebuilt series axle from another project does any one know if the drums and stub axles wheel cylinders and shoes are interchangabe ? By the way the series axle is an 88" axle with ten inch drums

any help would be good

sorry about my poor spelling


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Defenders are coil-sprung; Series are leaf-sprung. Axles not interchangeable without major mechanical work.

If you're thinking of an axle-swap, given the effort involved it makes much more sense to source a Defender disc-braked axle and rebuild that: at least it's an easy swap and you then get mid-1990s braking technology rather than something out of the 1950s...

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I have just purchased new Early Defender rear stub axles for a project and they are the same as Series 3 stub axles. However I belive that this only applies to Salsbury Defender axles so not sure about your example.

Unfortunately I cannot look on Microcat to check.


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