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1986 90

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Well I can't find CNB500710 anywhere... attack of the shiraz so early, Nige?

Or did you mean: CMB500700 ?

Can't find anything definitive, just the removal of the word 'green' from the description, it is superceded again btw: http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/197637/5497/glass___windscreen

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So glad we haven't banned banter round here. Also good that we can have a laugh at the expense of the A&M team, well one in particular anyway :lol:

I am on my second screen in 19 years, first one had too many bullet holes for the MOT man's liking. The current one is scratched to **** and makes driving into the sun an interesting experience. Won't need to replace it till next year I guess, as the sun has gone away for the winter :o

One advice Nige, get someone else to fit it, preferable someone who is familiar and successful with the job. I have seen it done, and it can look dead easy. Still don't fancy doing it myself though.

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Its the original I think ...........and its delaminating !!!!!!!!!!!

Correct for a laminated clear non tinted version, hope your sat down the price is massive


or a genuine LR http://www.brit-car.co.uk/product.php/103557/5497/windscreen_laminated_clear_def

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While you are at it, you should fit a heated screen! Makes a huge difference in the winter. I've been hoping mine will break to give me an excuse - but it steadfastly refuses. I even followed a gravel truck shedding it's load for 10 miles and the rocks were just bouncing off with no damage. ;)


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