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Idle Knock... 200TDI


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In the last week I developed a low idle knocking noise coming from around the crank pulley, it turned out to have come loose but after re-torquing it doesn't seem to have gone away. Is there a common cause for this that is something I can fix in-situ? Ideas?

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What you've found is the pulley's come loose after being on the crankshaft without being loctited on when the cambelt has been replaced or the threadlock when applied has lost it's adhesive properties-unlikely but possible and the woodruff key and key way on the damper pulley maybe damaged, best solution would be to remove the damper pulley and see if the wood ruff key is damaged-replace if necessary(you maybe able to replace the woodruff key without dismantling the timing chest) and also check the inside of the damper pulley and check the key way, If this is damaged you could possibly get away with welding up the damaged keyway and grind/file the keyway back to original spec, but the only proper way to fix it would be to replace the damper and then when applying it back onto the crankshaft is to apply threadlock onto the crankshaft and also the damper pulley, apply the damper pulley back onto the crankshaft and then apply threadlock to the crankshaft bolt then tighten said bolt to the specified torque setting, I had a similar problem to you when I ignored the threadlock to my cost of a new damper pulley and woodruff key after not applying any thread lock onto the crankshaft and damper pulley as well as the crankshaft bolt too ,

When this happened to me I thought my engine was self destructing



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Agree with above, but if it has damaged the keyway on the crankshaft you may be in trouble. Years ago I had this problem and tried to fix it with Devcon...........a plastic metal. Didnt work for very long.

Maybe another one could be cut in a different position ? I dont know if this might affect the engine balance though

It was caused by me not doing the bolt up tight enough after a timing belt change. i though it would be tight enough................Didnt have a big enough torque wrench see.

Do NOT underdo the tightness of this bolt

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