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Newly fitted front axle guard hits panhard rod


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I just fitted an axle and diff guard which bolts in place using the radius arm bolts and sits under the axle with a removable part under the diff for oil changes. I noticed a 'ting' noise the first time I drove the vehicle so, presuming it was the axle guard interfering with something, I crawled underneath and looked for impact marks. The only ones I could find were on the very front of the axle guard so I strapped a camera under there to confirm and I see that the panhard rod hits the edge of the front lip of the axle guard when I go over speed bumps.

There is a small cut out which looks like it is meant to accommodate for this but it is about a third of the required length.

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this other than getting the angle grinder out? I have a 2" suspension lift planned but presume that, even after this, the panhard rod will still impact the axle guard under articulation - though possibly not if I fit +2" bump stops.

Your thoughts and opinions are gratefully received.

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haha, it was 2nd hand DrRob, still got some of the galv on too! Though there's a QT jobby planned for the rear after xmas.

Cheers for the sensible advice Nigel, I'll get the grinder out next time I have a day off and go slow over the speed bumps in the mean time. The Bronco Grizzly Claw 235/85/16s I bought for off road have battered my inner arches, they showed me where all the rust is - there are holes there now instead. I might slice a bit off to make them +1" bump stops instead because I think that should do me.

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