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Who's Going for a Squelch around Old Sodbury

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Guest diesel_jim
Would have been good to meet up and see some faces, instead I shall just have to drive around the plain and help run an army event, oh well :->

What event is that? ex or driving event?

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it just so happens.........


gotta go, possibly bringing more dodgy foreigners with us :) so if you want them bought along Jules??


Big ish not massive :lol:

looking for 33-35 for my new RRC toy not for comp just a little something for the weekend.

should be MOT's by the weekend so I will be on the hunt for parts :huh: actualy no its just wheels and arches are all I need I have everything else i think I want.

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We'll be on the lookout for some new seat bases for the camel cos the current ones are manky as ya like! :huh:

and a 40% rear seat to replace the 60% one so that the fridge can stay fitted in between (no, not FF, a proper fridge for keeping things cold :lol: )

and any other bits that tickle my fancy :ph34r::D

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?? give us a clue then Ralph ???

Sodbury is the 21st !!! ie 2 weeks

D'oh :rolleyes: It was so darn quite on here over the weekend I thought that's where everyone had gone to, how stupid do I feel :rolleyes: Don't answer that :P should have read Nige's opening post properly, I won't be going as I'll have just come home from the Isle of Mull rally.

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