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Freelander 2 Rear Diff Input Shaft Bearing


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Has anyone tackled the job of replacing the rear diff input shaft bearing.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

I have seen the LR dealer bulletin that lists the parts needed and the recommended time to do this job but can't find any nuts and bolts information on how to do the job and torque settings etc:

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Done this many times, you do need a few special tools and even with the tools the first two I did could not be done in the recommended time. The job can be done without the special tools, but you can almost double your time its going to take, the LR bulletin is also what they call a low class repair where just the necessary parts are replaced and that is only one pinion bearing and seals and o-rings, collapsable sleeve and new retaining nut.

A few tips,

Before you remove the pinion seal ( its the one inside the Haldex unit housing, when the Haldex is removed the actual diff pinion is exposed) measure the exact depth if you go half a mm to deep it WILL leak.

Have lots of patience you are going to battle without the special tools and think before you do.

The bulletin you saw should give you all the parts you are going to need and part numbers.

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Although the bulletin you refer to suggests to replace only the pinion bearing, I was told by LR dealer in Cyprus that for recondition they will need to replace all bearings in the diff. Do you have any idea if this is that necessary?

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