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defender rear drum brake halfshaft seals

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need a bit of help with the above, fitted a new diff and drive flanges last night. filled it with oil and its all leaked out on the road as I park half on a curb.

will it be ;

the inner seal in the back plate,

the outer seal,

could be the rubber cap on the end of the shaft but these are quite new

I used new drive flange gaskets so it cant be there.

the leak looks as if its coming from the bearing/inside the drum area.

any thoughts/tips?

ive read about seals around the end of the halfshaft but couldn't see any when I stripped them last night :s

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Sounds like the oil is running into your hub, then out of your hub... when did you last replace the hub bearings/ hub oil seal?

Certainly older rear axles didn't have a stub axle oil seal. will check some drawings.

It appears later axle assemblies did have a small oil seal which would help stop oil migrating into the hubs.

See item 3, but you need the correct stub axle/hub assembly I'm guessing to fit it - looks like a disc hub.


That's assuming we're talking about a 90...?

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Sounds like you have inadvertently changed to oil filled hubs.....not a bad conversion!But you will have to replace the single lipped oil seal FTC4785 with the double lipped seal RTC3511 if you want to avoid leaks. Also check the surface it runs on for pitting or wear.If necessary replace the stub axle or redi sleeve the area the seal runs on.

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Yes, change the hub seals, I much prefer oil filled hubs, the bearings seem to last much longer without needing any adjustment. If you've had to nip the bearings up a couple of times, I would change them too. But use Timken ones, if you use blue box ones you will regret it!

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