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wiring question - relay board / EDIS / Injectors


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after Reading the MS+EDIs install instruction from NIge, there´s something i'm not understanding very well.

it reads:


In the picture the slight change has been to use 2 of the injector +VE

to supply the EDIS +VE and then connecting 2 injector +VE wires to

each of the 2 injector +VE connectors on the relay board."

these two EDIS +VE are the ones that are to be connected to the ignition coil plugs +12v ignition that are mentioned in this picture?


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It was me who came up with that mod

As I was wiring everything in I realised there wasn't a specific output for the EDIS main power from the relay board.

Obviously without the relay board you just connect everything to an output pin of a relay, whereas the board doesn't give you anything.

It provides 4 sockets for the injectors but nothing for EDIS, so I simply doubled up the 4 injector wires and put them into 2 of the injector sockets then then the fat cable that I had running to the EDIS I simply stripped back a little, parted the core in two and twisted them to make 2 smaller wires and put both of those in the two remaining holes.

Perfecto :)

Hope that helps!

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hi FridgeFreezer

i bought it from Nige indeed, in this case i just leave the relay that came with the relay board in it's place?

i installed everything this weekend and it started at the first try!!!!!!!!! :) :)

but the idle it's at 2000rpm. could this be the reason?

i only the it work for a minut or so. it never warrmed up.

it was steady at 2000rpm

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Sorry for late reply

When I did mine the PWM mod was not in the instructions, it might be now!

But yes, remove the relay and fit the jumper wire between the switched power in and power out terminals.

The other wires that are there are simply earth and permanent live that I have simply used to get power/earth for the lambda sensor I think.

Whatever it was for, it was simply because power and earth sockets were available there and not being used, they are not connected/related to the PWM system :)

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So I have finally got around to do the PWM valve

Fits a treat

(cheers for the kit Nige) :i-m_so_happy:


Wiring wise, ehem struggling :ph34r:

The PWM mods were on the 'to do' list on my install cd

So with the relay board i remove the first realy

( which one in pic?) and i fit the jumper


where does the orange wire go? :unsure:

from the PWM to ?? :blink:


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