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Fitting cut off switch

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Sorry this one seems inane even to me but given the current that will go through it I want to get it right.

I got a heavy duty cut off switch for my winch. All the others cut offs I have fitted have a central spindle and two side holes to fix into position. This one just has the central spindle but with two "thin" hex nuts on it.

Do I put one on to sit on the battery side of the seat box and the other fixing it on the footwell side of the box, or do I put the shoulder of the cutoff swtch into the hole and then both nuts on the footwell side so that one of them is a locking nut?

There are no washers supplied on the spindle.

I am sure it is rocket science but reckoned the one time it would cause a problem by twisting when I turned the knob was when I really needed it to work!!

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The fact that you are questioning the fitting of this switch,I'm thinking you already know the answer to this, but here's my tuppence FWIW.

Like you, I have only seen the FIA type two bolt fitting isolation switch, and I would be wary of the single mount type rotating under vibration and operation of the switch. If I was to use that type,

If I did use this switch I would sandwich the battery box between the two nuts, and use shake proof washers on either side, but I am afraid my paranoia would have me changing it further down the line!

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Thanks guys

I have now fitted it with the two nuts on the passenger side of the seat box, so one as a lock nut. Seems to sit nice and securely. Cannot remember where it came from other than it was a higher current rating than the other ones. Not a key but a twist handle. Seems to be quite competent.

Thanks for the suggestions. BTW any sign of it slackening off and I will swap to one nut either side.

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