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Where to buy Land Rovers (cheap)

Mean Green

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I have a mate who is looking for a shooting hack. It has been about 5 years since I last bought a Land Rover on the open market - so I am struggling to advise him where to look other than the obvious ebay/gumtree etc

Where is the best place to look for budget end Land Rovers. Ideally he would like a 90 and spend around the £2-2.5k mark.

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E-bay, but also beware that things can end up in a bidding frenzy an when the mist gets up you end up over paying!!!

Or scour the locals and add trader etc,. £2,500 is bottom end for a 90 and anything that price will be a rotter I can almost assure you!

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For a budget a discovery is probably a better bet, pretty cheap once they are a bit battered and generally they haven't been used as hard as a defender would have been.

If he needs the space in the back th rear seats can be removed and a bulkhead put in quite easily if you aren't to worried what it look like. Depends on just what it is expected to do, road use as well or just off road, carrying loads, how many people etc.

Otherwise local ads can still be pretty good source of cheaper vehicles, also sometimes speak to the local dealer and see what he has as trade ins, if the vehicle is too old for them to want to sell they will often want to just get rid of a trade in so will let it go for what they gave for it, a cash buyer is easy and uicker for them than put it in an auction. Likely to be sold as seen but thats what you get at the low end of the market.

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