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TD5 wont rev when clutch depressed


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Took my 52 plate TD5 Defender for MOT recently. Whilst at local garage engine light came on - cleared this but then engine would not rev. Got them to replace the switch on the clutch master cylinder but problem persists! Any clues would be much appreciated Thanks Andy

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The clutch switch is on the master-cylinder: it switches between two fuel-profiles. One [active when the clutch pedal is pressed] shuts the fuel off pretty much immediately you close the throttle - so the revs drop rapidly for gearchanges. The second profile - active during normal driving - gives a slower defuelling if the throttle's shut quickly - reducing shock-loads on the driveline. It can also potentially avoid breaking traction if you snap the throttle shut under marginal-grip conditions.

It also controls anti-stall programming - the behaviour of the engine if you try and load the engine without applying any throttle (like when reversing a trailer and just wanting to creep along).

Rather a good idea, actually!

As to the particular issue being reported on here, I'd look at the throttle-pot and associated wiring first, then get the codes read.

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